Mud Pump type X - 3.003 MDD

The X-series mud pump type PD X-3.003 MDD impresses with its robust and low-wear design. The 7-fold bearing mounted drive shaft, which is equipped with 3 eccentric wheels, replaces the conventional crankshaft. Due to the revolution of these shafts and their maximum 230 rotations per minute operational wear is reduced to a minimum. 

The use of most modern hydraulic components enable continuous control of the shaft speed and the thus generated linear speed of pistons or rather the flow rate of the drilling fluid by the speed of the hydraulic motor. The pump has a compact design and is installed into a silenced 20 ft. container. The integrated skid system allows to pull the pump out of the container fast and easily for service and maintenance. The container is designed as such to enable fast and easy transport via a twist-lock system.

X - 3.003 MDD

Volume rate:125 - 805 US-gpm
Pressure max.:2.975 psi
Stroke max.:110 - 230 rpm
Power rating/motor: 640 Hp

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