Mud Mixing Unit PM - 3.000 3,5 E

Our mud mixing units of series PD M-3.000 3,5 E as well as any other of our component are developed according to the requirements of the respective projects. A complete mud mixing unit type PD M-3.000 3,5 E consists of a 40 ft. Container with integrated mud mixing unit or a separate 10 ft. mixing cube, that is placed in front of a mixing container. These two parts are connected by drilling fluid hoses to set up a closed mixing circuit. 

The mud mixing unit type PD M-3.000 3,5 E consists of the following components: 1 x mixing container, 3 x work tanks, 1 x transfer pump 60 Hp and 1 x mud mixing pump 100 Hp. 

The mixing cube is designed as modular system and can be extended or modified individually according to customer`s requirements. The transfer- and mud mixing pumps are driven by electric motors powered by 60 Hp or 100 Hp.

PM - 3.000 3,5 E

Mixing power rate: 925 US-gpm
Mixing pump:100 Hp
Transfer pump60 Hp

PM - 3.000 3,5 E on jobsites: