Drilling Rig PV 40/30 MDD

The Multidirectional Drilling Rig PV 40/30 MDD is installed on a crawler carriage, designed for drill pipes  „range 2" and equipped with „Load-Sensing Hydraulic System“.

The 246 Hp  Diesel engine and the hydraulic system are mounted “on board“. The power rotary head which is driven by hydraulic motors develops a torque rating of up to 22,500 ft-lb and can be selected in two or three different gear steps. Furthermore the drilling rig is available with drill pipe supply system, hydraulic manipulator, drill pipe crane, camera system, a drill data monitoring system as well as further options. The MDD-Rigs are equipped with a separate operating container, which provides the operator an optimal view.

The sturdy mast can be equipped with two hydraulic cylinders with a variable movement between 0° and 90°. The telescopic station is mounted on two wide plates which support the mast in every drilling position.

Pull force:88,200 lbs
Torque:22,500 ft-lb
Inclination angle:0° - 45° - 90°
Power rating:246 Hp
Weight:79,250 lbs

PV 40/30 MDD on jobsites: