Mud Recycling Unit PR - 3.000 3,0 R

To protect the environment and to save costs we also supply mud recycling units of series PR - 3.000 3,0 R for reprocessing of the drilling fluid when contaminated by sand and mud. The mud recycling units are equipped with sieve screens and hydrocyclones (so called "desilters" and “desanders”), which wash the solid out of the drilling fluid to less than 1% and thus minimise wear of the pump. 

Due to the modular construction (20 ft. container and several working platforms) a maximum of flexibility is guaranteed. Our system excel in easy handling for height adjustment, quick change systems for the sieve screens as well as worldwide availability of replacement sieve elements of any size. The circulation pumps, which feed the drilling fluid into the recycling circuit and the transfer pumps are equipped with electric motors. Depending on the size of the mud recycling unit, the recycling rates is 3,000 l/min.

PR - 3.000 3,0 R

Recycling power rate:3,000 l/min
Loading pump:75 kW
Transfer pump:45 kW

PR - 3.000 3,0 R on jobsites: